Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Day 2 of the challenge

Take a picture of your family!

I'm really sorry. I can't take a photo of my family, because they life far away. *Sigh*


I wanne talk about them.


My mommy...her name is Ingrid. She ist the most beautiful woman I ever seen and her heart and her soul are made out of gold. She is really nice and almost friendly. I love her.


My daddys name is Micheal. Often we are in trouble. We scream and it seems like we hate us a lot. But that's not right. He is my father and he is a nice person. He is like me....or I'm be like him. Whatever. I love him much <3.

My Brother:

His name is Matthias. He is ten years older than me. He is a funny person. Very cute. He makes me laugh. Like him aaaa loooot <3

My Sister:

She is 1 years older than me and I didn't see her often. But I really like her. She is although funny und a REALLY good hairstylist. She is great <3.

So...that's my family *o*

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