Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Day 6 of challenge

Your favorite drink?

Uhm..that's heavy, because I like really much to drink.
So I wanna show you hot and cold drinks.


It like coca cola, BUT it's not so sweet and with a bit lemon.
It's a DDR product <3. Retroproducts for president!

And now hot.
Hot is really really hard.
Ich love coffee and any coffeedrink!
So I need a bit zu chose my favorit.

And this win:

The good old cappuccino! It's sweet. It's with chocolate. Greate!

And now...I will go and make a cup of cappuccino just for me!

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  1. Irgendwie wärs einfacher das Thema zu verstehen wenn du das jeweilige Tagestopic nochmal dazu schreibst ;)