Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Day 9 of the challenge

Pictures of your flat!

Hey Girl!

Puh! What a busy day!
I'm toooo old! *lol*

So today I show you a few pictures of my flat. I'm a chaosgirl so...yeah xD

My kitchen:

Small but I like it ^^. If you can see I eaten fastfood today :D xP Nyom nyom :>

My bathroom:

To small T_T I hate blue -.-

My floor:

I my bubble-bubble-bubbly-lamp :D So beautiful *O*

My lounge:

Don't wanna show you my couch....there is toooo much chaos xDD

My bedroom:

Biggest clothchaos ever. But I search something so...yeah...whatever xD

That's the end :D

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