Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011



Today my SweetJam arrived me *o*

I was latley at home and didn't have any vigor to style myself just for me, because it was a hard day.
So I just tried them on.
It fits me very well but I have to lose a bit weight! Since a few days I make an diet and lost 3 kg!! ( Want 10 or 15 >< ) But anyway!

Here is a picture...not good but the first of it. I hope I could make new pictures of it in a few weeks ( days xD ) <3

So yeah. I love this print. Can not understand why some people hate this print so much? It's beautiful and perfect for summer! And SOOOOO yammi! *O* Wanna eat this fucking cake on it. Look so good c__c"
Oh my I'm really happy. I wanted them soooooooooooooo long, but never found it in this colour. I just want THIS colour. Now it's MIIIIIIINEEEEEEE.
Thanks Dine! :D

Next days I wanna show you a tutorial for styling a beautiful lolita wig. I styled them, because I want a blue wig for wonder cookie. Muhaha but no fear it's easy to make :D

And now?...I'm going to sleep right now!
Good night ladies!

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  1. I love that dress it's really pretty and the bag is very cute too. ^^
    How did you make it?